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Cloud Assessing © provides insurers, policyholders, assessors, brokers, agents and estimators with an on line solution to assess most types of insurance claims. The solution automates the process of collating information about the claim issues including the circumstances and loss or damage without the need for an assessor to visit your site. Cloud Assessing is suitable for most types of claims.

The intelligent and logical work flow provides the detail required for an insurer to make policy decisions about acceptance of the claim and the requirements for the next steps whether that be repair, replace or reinstate the loss or damage.

For the policyholder, there are major benefits:

  • Empowers - you control the time the data is sent as you undertake the assessment when it best suits.
  • Reduces time delays - waiting for an assessor to contact you, travel to meet with you, conduct an interview, inspect the loss and/or damage and then lodge a report can be a frustrating time. Often the critical and vital information required by your insurer can takes days and even weeks to be received. This can delay the decisions and the reinstatement process.

The service is provided to you the policy holder at no cost, is safe and secure and is available 24/7

Cloud Assessing is simple to use. Firstly, you will need to create an account and then you will be guided through the assessment. You will also be required to attach images and documents that are often needed to support your claim (use your smart phone to capture/scan).

Once you have completed the assessment, you simply submit and the assessment is forwarded instantly to your insurer. No time delays. You will receive a receipted email to confirm the assessment has been lodged with your insurer.

To commence your assessment, go to Sign In to create and register an account and then you are to commence your assessment
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